Shalomfestival Antwerp 2023

15th October 2023
14.00 UNTIL 18.00

The Shalom festival marks its 19th edition with a joyful celebration overflowing with hope, and
a warm open hand of welcome extended to everyone.

The Shalom Festival addresses issues concerning the Jewish community, Israel, and wider
society with a focus on providing reliable information and promoting clarity. As ever, the festival
approaches these topics with a strong commitment to fostering the best possible coexistence,
rooted in respect for the individual identities of all.

Tolerance is this year’s key message, focusing in particular on freedom of belief as one of the
core values in a democratic society.

“Every citizen, regardless of their religion, should be able to feel safe and accepted in our
society” says MP Michael Freilich, adding with concern, “whereasin the Western world diversity
and freedom have been held in high regard in the past year, it is worrying that religious tolerance
is now faltering.”

“Do you know that Israel, is the champion of religious tolerance? What is not often reflected in
the media is that Israel is a pioneer in this regard. Did you know that protection of religions is
enshrined in Israeli’s Declaration of Independence and that all faiths can be lived and practised
there without restrictions? It is certainly a wonderful example for our democracies!” says
Patricia Teitelbaum, president of Belgian Friends of Israel.

Expect an afternoon filled with captivating speakers, cultural performances, including klezmer
and gospel bands, alongside Israeli music, literature, art, Israeli products, falafels, a cafeteria,
and children’s entertainment.

Boogie Boy and his band are set to deliver an electrifying performance at the event, and you
won’t want to miss the live interview with Chef Tulli Padwa from the renowned TV program
“Shalom Allemaal.” Don’t miss out – come along and have a great time!

Katia Van De Broeck 0484 86 73 63 NL
Patricia Teitelbaum 0471 64 90 20 FR

The Shalom-festival is a partnership with following organisations: Belgische Coalitie voor Israël,
de Alliantie voor Vrede in het Midden-Oosten, B’nai B’rith, Koinonia Ministries, Anet, Belgian
Friends of Israel, Christenen voor Israël, ORT world, Chrétiens amis d’Israel, Vlaanderen sta
achter Israël, Finjan, Forum der Joodse Organisaties, Bne Akivah en Joods Actueel.