Shalom Festival

This colorful and multicultural event takes place annually in Brussels and Antwerp. It is a collaboration between the evangelical Christians and the Jewish community of Antwerp and Brussels. Each while maintaining their own identity, they come out together with a message of peace to the general public, on the street and in the media..


-Some statements at the festival-

And so, for 2,000 years, the Jews from generation to generation have repeated this same Bible verse: “If I should forget thee, O Jerusalem, may my right hand forget me.” Today we have other verses on our lips: “Pray peace to Jerusalem: may those who love you have rest; peace be within your walls, rest in your fortresses. To my brothers and my friends I will say: Peace be in you.”

CHief rabbi Albert Guigui

‘Israel can make peace. It has proven that in the past. In Israel, Jews, Muslims and Christians work together on a daily basis. Jewish doctors perform life-saving operations on Palestinians.’

Benoit Mores, member of parliament (open vld),

‘Israel is a rule of law for which every Israeli citizen is equal.’

MichaEl Freilich, member of parliament (N-VA),
former editor of ‘Joods Actueel’

“The multicultural society in Israel is a reality. 20% of the Israeli population are Arabs.”

Charlotte Gutman, president of the belgian ‘ort world’ educational network


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