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Shalom Festival

This colorful and multicultural event happens every year in Brussels and Antwerp. It is a partnership between evangelical Christians and the Jewish community of Brussels and Antwerp. While each retaining their own identity, they meet with a message of peace on the streets for the public and the media.


Israeli music

Dance performances

Face painting

Book Stands

Jewish cuisine


'Just as for over 2000 years, generations of Jews, repeated the biblical verse "If I forget thee O Jerusalem, let my right hand forget its use", today the verse that come to our lips more is: "May they be happy that love you. May there be peace within your walls, security within your towers. To my brothers and my friends, I offer my best wishes.'

Albert Guigui, Chief Rabbi of Brussels.

-Some statements about the Festival-

"Israel can make peace. This has been proven in the past. In Israel Jews, Muslims and Christians work together every day. Jewish doctors perform operations to save Palestinian lives".

Benoit Mores, Municipal Civil Officer, Antwerp

"Israel is a democratic state where all Israeli citizens are equal."

Michael Freilich, editor of "Joods Actueel"

"The multicultural society of Israel is a reality. 20% of the Israeli population is Arab."

Charlotte Gutman, President of the Belgian ‘ORT WORLD' educational network




SUNDAY 21 MAY 2017 in Brussels. Read more.

Previous Shalom events:



SUNDAY 5 JUNE 2016 at Place d'Espagne, Brussels


The 9th Shalom Festival in Brussels was devoted to the Peace in the Middle East, support for the Jewish people and the persecuted Christians. The beautiful mixture of visitors and volunteers from diverse backgrounds and cultures was enhanced by Israeli and gospel music, dancing and cultural presentations. Read more...

ANTWERP, 25 OCTOBER 2015 - The Shalom Festival in Antwerp took place under a clear sky and partly thanks to the beautiful weather, there was a large turnout of people. Notably, there was a strong presence of people from many different backgrounds: European, Asian and African people, evangelical Christians, religious and secular Jews, representatives of various political parties, as well as social journalists and a mixture of visitors that were as diverse as the speakers and the volunteers at the event. It all represented a healthy relationship between faith and society. The programme was enriched by beautiful singing, dancing and cultural items. Most importantly, however, there was a mutual respect and a desire to express friendship, cooperation and peace between all the participants. Both among nations but also here as citizens in Antwerp. Peace, however, can only be achieved if it is based on democracy and Judeo-Christian principles of respect for co-existence. Read more...






























Brussels, 30 August 2015 - The 7th Shalom Festival for Peace was held at Place d’Espagne in Brussels. The key moment of the afternoon among the artistic program and speakers, was the presentation of the "Shalom Declaration". This public declaration addresses the grievous persecution of Christians and Jews in the Middle East. The Judeo-Christian Friendship Declaration was read by Nigel Goodrich from the UK who officially handed it to the Central Jewish Consistory of Belgium and the Embassy of Israel. Read more...


SUNDAY 30 OCTOBER 2016 in Antwerp.


Other events



Israel - Yesterday, today and tomorrow

Venue: Rue des Deux Gares 91, 1070 Bruxelles-Anderlecht. Time: 9:00-15:30

Speaker: Rev W. Glashouwer



with live performance by the Symphonic Orchestra of Lier

ANTWERP, 22 NOVEMBER 2015 - While Belgium is still in shock under the current terrorism threats, a moving and emotional night took place at Elckerlyc Theater in Antwerp bringing a counter breeze of inspiration. The film portrayed the story of Aristides de Sousa Mendes who through his diplomatic mandate, saved 30,000 people during World War II. His heroic action was the largest single rescue operation. "I am here because of deep gratitude for Aristides de Sousa Mendes for saving my own family's life", said Baron Ludo de Vleeschauwer, son of the Belgian former Minister Baron Albert de Vleeschauwer, who spoke at the event as an honorary guest.


Watch the MOVIE TRAILER here.































The multicultural audience and the diverse age groups filled the night with hope and optimism for the future, whilst the outstanding live performance of the Symphonic Orchestra of Lier added great value to the event.

Gemeenteraadlid, André Gantman, shared on the valuable contribution individuals make to human values and he referred to those who during WWII risked their own lives in order to hide Jewish people and families from Nazis. He congratulated the organisers of the event, Koinonia Ministries and B'nai B'rith Antwerp for their commitment to human rights and justice for all people.


For the benefit of Street Children in Uganda KOINONIAKIDS.org.

The Shalom Festival Committee together with the Israeli Ambassador in Brussels.

SHALOM FESTIVAL IS A JOINT INITIATIVE of the Belgian Coalition for Israel, the Alliance for Peace in the Middle East, B'nai B'rith, Koinonia Ministries, ORT Belgium, A-net, KKL, Beautiful Israel, Christians for Israel, Chretiens Amis d'Israel and other Jewish and Christian organisations. Read more.

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