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The Shalom Festival Committee together with the Israeli Ambassador in Brussels.



Shalom Festival


Brussels, 21 May 2017





« The Alliance for Peace in the Middle East » has the pleasure of announcing the 11th edition of « Shalom Festival – Vrede – Paix – Peace - Salaam » on Sunday 21st May 2017, from 14h to 18h at the Place d'Espagne, located between the Grand Place and the Brussels Central Station.


This cultural event for Israel will host two Israelis, one Jew and one Arab, both experts in their field.



The Alliance for Peace in the Middle East brings together various Jewish and Christian people and organizations. Their aim is to develop an inter-religious dialogue for coexistence, tolerance and freedom of expression, which are peaceful responses to aggression and violence. This cultural festival aims to promote understanding and peace among peoples.

Like a testimony of the events in the world , the religious intolerance is manifest more and more frequently, and with complete horror that we take note with dismay. The message "shalom-vrede-peace-peace-salaam" expresses the hope that peace will one day reign over the whole world, in spite of the painful experiences of the history of nations.


"The Alliance for Peace in the Middle East" pursues the equality between human beings in order to enable them to live in peace and security. In the context of a living multi-culturality, democratic and humanistic values ​​such as respect for others and open-mindedness make sense. The Alliance is also a voice for Israel and the Jewish community in Belgium and for defending the rights of persecuted Christians.



The subject of fair and balanced information has become paramount to understanding the reality in the region and in Israel. International organizations are using false propaganda tools at various levels in order to take revenge on Israel and its people. This is a detrimental discovery and a major obstacle to peace in the Middle East.


Israeli Guests

This festival will welcome two Israeli people who have distinguished themselves in their field:

Yaron Bob (Rockets into Roses), a metal sculptor who transforms rockets into flowers; His goal is to make it clear that "speaking is much better than fighting"

Dr. Nof Atamna Ismaeel, (Microbiologist) chef who won the Masterchef 2014 in Israel.



This colourful and multicultural event takes place every year in Brussels and Antwerp. It is a collaboration between Evangelical Christians and the Jewish community of Brussels and Antwerp. By maintaining their own identity, they come together in a message of peace to the public, in the street and to the media.

At the initiative of this festival are Belgian civil society organizations such as the Alliance for Peace in the Middle East, the Belgian Coalition for Israel, Koinonia Ministries, ORT Belgium, A-net, Christians for Israel, Christians Friends of Israel 'Israel, KKL Belgium, B'nai B'rith Brussels, and Beautiful Israel.

The partnership between the Evangelical, Jewish, and Christian communities is based on the common origins of their faith as well as mutual respect for their values ​​and contributions to society. It advocates a unified Jerusalem.



Concerts, dances, songs, musical performances (Klezmer, Gospel, etc.) will be surrounded by numerous stands with exhibitions of photography, paintings, entertainment for children, literature and kosher catering. Various speeches and testimonies will contribute to the quality of the event.


Press Contacts :

Pasteur Raymond Vandeput – Former President of the Alliance for Peace I the Middle East –

GSM +32 495 53 79 43 –

Patricia Teitelbaum – Beautiful Israel – GSM: +32 471 649020


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