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Belgian Coalition for Israel

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The Alliance for the Peace in the Middle East brings together diverse people and organisations of the Christian and Jewish world.

The Alliance's aim is

(1) to develop an inter-religious dialogue for co-existence, tolerance and freedom of expression as a response to the agression and violence,

(2) to be a community voice for Israel and the Jewish community in Belgium, as the only hope for stability and equal rights for all in the Middle East, and

(3) to stand on behalf and for the lives and rights of the persecuted Christians.





The Alliance for Peace in the Middle East condemns the beheading of the 28 Christians in Libya.


Brussels, 20th of April 2015 - "Submission or death" is the message of the new Islamic State to the Christians of the Middle East and Africa (see "Le Monde").


Another video was released today by terrorists allied to the Islamic State, Da'esh, showing the horrific barbarism of the beheading of 28 Christians. Guilty for being Christians, they were summarily executed in the same way as the 21 Egyptian Christian Copts in February.


Remember that the free and democratic world is threatened in its existence equally: this movement continues to spread ideological poison and carry out deadly attacks, as it is evident in the kidnapping of the 200 Nigerian schoolgirls, the genocidal tendency of Da'esh, the murder of the Pakistani students and the recent massacre committed in Garissa, Kenya by Shebaabs.


The Alliance for Peace in the Middle East, which is a Belgian partnership of Christians and Jews on the basis of their common faith roots, expresses its deep sorrow and great concern about the killings of innocent people in the world; Jews, Christians or Muslims.


The Alliance for Peace in the Middle East stands for equality of all men so that they can live in peace and security. Our democratic and humanist values ​​must be defended actively. This kind of barbarism is nourished by silence and passivity on our part.


Pastor Raymond Vandeput -



The Alliance for Peace in the Middle East

and The Belgian Coalition for Israel








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